4 Latest Web Design Trends You Can Use on Your Wordpress Blog

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4 Latest Web Design Trends You Can Use on Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems and people use it primarily to have a website of their own as well as a built-in blog.

Since the final product of using WordPress is for you to have your very own web page, it is important that you spice things up by implementing some popular web design trends that the best website design company usually implements.

Below are just some of them that you can safely implement on the platform:

Different Layouts

By default, WordPress presents your articles in a nice symmetrical way and although there is nothing wrong with that, that look is kind of outdated.

You want things to be fresh; you want it to be “in”. So, instead of using the traditional layout, you might want to experiment with asymmetrical designs.

Basically, the asymmetrical layout is one where pictures are not put in order- some of the thumbnails are bigger than the others if it holds more bearing or if it tells a much bigger story than the rest.

Using such a layout will provide more emphasis than using the conventional method.

Impressive Colors

When you look at popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, you usually see a familiar color pattern. They both use the blue, white, and black color schemes because they want to cater to the vast majority of people. Plus, these colors seem to do a really good job at being subtle, whilst also being memorable as well.

However, you want to stand out and you don’t want to follow the design used by these popular platforms. So instead of using the same old colors, why not use bold and vibrant colors instead?

You could experiment with a red and off-white color scheme using black-colored texts. It definitely is not something that is commonly used, but it does work. So go ahead, have some fun with the plethora of colors at your disposal.

Typography Done Right

On a WordPress site, people are going to be looking at a lot of text, especially if your content is primarily word-centric. However, you could create an impressive design with just the clever use of different fonts and colors.

For instance, you could experiment with bold fonts on your homepage and make it creative with the use of a background that suits those said fonts.


Micro-interactions are quite a common theme now. You can see them prevalently on social media sites. Although it is a collective term, emojis and emoticons fall into this category.

Basically, these are animations that will enhance the user experience. Incorporating them on your WordPress site will increase customer engagement due to the fact that it is interactive enough for them to use.


WordPress is arguably one of the best platforms when it comes to content. However, even if you’re given a website after creation, you have to implement some design changes to make it truly authentic.