6 Frameworks That Will Help Converge Both Web and Mobile Applications

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6 Frameworks That Will Help Converge Both Web and  Mobile Applications


More people make use of their smartphone app development for pretty much anything. However, two activities usually come to mind: using applications and surfing the web. Many businesses have come to their senses and adopt a model where both web apps and mobile applications converge which gives their customers more platforms that allow them to avail of their services. To help you do that, you need to make use of a suitable framework that supports both of these platforms. Read on to find out the best ones to use.

1. PhoneGap

The first framework happens to be one of the oldest and most trusted ones out there. PhoneGap allows you to, well, bridge the gap between mobile applications and web apps. It mainly uses HTML, CSS, and JavaScripts to help you create an application that seamlessly integrates both of these modules. Furthermore, what I love about PhoneGap is that you can pretty much use their platform to create an application directly from the cloud, meaning, you do not have to download an SDK on your computer just to do that.

2. jQuery Mobile

Wouldn’t it be great if there is a framework that lets you code for just one specific platform and all of that can be translated to work on others as well? That is basically how jQuery Mobile works. Essentially, you’re going to create your own lines of code and it will help translate it for cross-platform support. This is a perfect avenue for you to bridge the gap between your website and your mobile application.

3. React JS

If you want to have an application framework that lets you handle all of the web tasks complete with search engine optimization, then this framework is for you. It mainly uses .NET languages which is much easier and it comes with complete step- by-step documentation so you will know exactly what to do to create your app.

4. Firebase

If there is one comprehensive framework that you can use for your app and web development, then you definitely have to try Firebase.Based on Google’s own infrastructure, the Firebase has a plethora of tools that allow you to create the best app out there. It allows you to set up some performance monitoring and analytics, it gives you the option to use its machine learning development kit, allows you to create a user authentication model that provides more security, and you can also utilize its A/B Testing module to optimize your application as well.

5. Meteor

One of the easiest to use, Meteor is another comprehensive framework that is built entirely with easy usability in mind. You can pretty much cut the crap with this one in that it promises to shrink your code to a degree where 1000 lines of code can be shortened to 10 lines instead. What’s more, you can create applications for the web, iOS, and Android platforms and it a complete framework that you can use out of the box- without having to download additional dependencies.

6. Sencha Ext JS

Formerly known as “Sencha Touch”, the new framework allows you to create data- intensive applications that are compatible with all of the platforms. It makes use of the HTML standard which is supported by many of the popular web browsers out there.


Bridging the gap between your website and mobile applications is necessary if you want to make your customers happy. Using the tools mentioned in this article will help you do just that.