7 Free Courses on Website Design and Development

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7 Free Courses on Website Design and Development

7 Free Courses on Website Design and Development

Do you want to improve your website development and design skills for your website design malaysia company? Good news! You can access free digital courses, and boost your knowledge from the comfort of your own home.

  1. A Tutorial: Introduction to Bootstrap


Intro to Bookstrap

This tutorial introduces people to the basics of Bootstrap. It is an open source project made by Twitter to educate people about mobile-first, responsive pages. At the end of the third module, you will learn how to build web pages through Bootstrap components.

  1. The Delft Design Approach: Product Design


Are you looking for a short course that can introduce you to the fundamentals of the Delft Design Approach? Through this course, you can learn more about web design signature methods and processes.

  1. HTML5 and CSS Fundamentals



All reliable website professionals have a background on CSS and HTML5. Of course, these are the building blocks of website style and design. Take this course if you want to give your own website a professional, credible look and feel.

  1. Web Design for Everybody


Web Design for Everybody is a course series from the University of Michigan. It covers how to produce syntactically correct CSS3 and HTML5 codes, and how to build interactive website experiences through JavaScript.

  1. Design Thinking and Creativity for Innovation


Design Thinking

A course from the University of Queensland, it covers the basics of how web design creativity and thinking can be utilized to enable digital innovation. Do you want to improve your creative skills, and improve web design observations? You will enjoy reading this!

  1. Introduction to Web Development


This Introduction to Web Development course is from the University of California, Davis. If you are thinking of studying web design and development soon, this can provide you a good introduction on the subject. It will work for you–no matter how little your technical knowledge is.

  1. Getting Started with the Web



This Mozilla course is a concise series which introduces website development practicalities. If you want to learn how to set up the necessary tools to construct your very first web page, this is the course to turn to.