Basics Of Mobile Applications

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Basics Of Mobile Applications

Mobile application development is the vital parts of your modern life. For anyone who owned a smartphone or some kinds of mobile device, you probably use mobile apps. Most of mobile apps built by top mobile apps development companies are free. What is mobile app?It’s easy to download and often free, mobile apps can provide so much enjoyment and so convenient that you might download them without thinking about some key consideration. So, let me give you a basic guide in understanding a mobile app:

  1. Mobile Apps, What Are They?

A mobile applications or more commonly known as an mobile app, are a software programs developed specifically for the use on small, wireless portable devices, such a smartphones, tablets and others that related, rather than desktop or laptop. They turn mobile devices into miniature powerhouses of functions and fun.

  1. Where to get apps?

There are numerous online stores for apps. In context of mobile apps, almost every platform has a repository where its users can download both free and paid apps. These are normally accessible through the device itself or a website so that the app can be queued up for download the nest time user is on the device. For example, the Google Play store are the place where Android users can download their mobile apps, while for iPhones and iPad they can get apps through the App store straight from their devices.

  1. How it works?

Mobile apps is a giant world that varies largely in terms of purpose and interest, and it seems like there exists an app to solve everything at our time. Moreover, while a mobile app works on an online connection for download, you don’t necessarily need to be online anytime you need to use the app, because most of the mobile apps have offline mood. For instance, you might download the game form the store, and you can play it even when you are not connecting to any internet or cellular data. However, the game does need the internet connection to be updated.

So What The Apps That Has Been Developed And Trending?

Instant Apps

You’re outside and is at the mercy of your Internet service provider, which sometimes just downright merciless. You might need to access Google Playstore or such but the speed just won’t allow it, it remained at the same while blank page for minutes. Brilliant minds of android app development then solved this predicament by developing Instant Apps! With Instant Apps users are allow quick access to the apps by downloading them from outside Google Playstore, from your phone browser. Though due to size and cost, only parts of the app will be downloaded. This feature can be tested on the latest Android version, Android Nougat 7.0. Though it will be made available on all versions starting from OS V4.1.

Android App Security

There’s always this one complaint regarding Android apps: security. Frequently we hear devices running on Android OS got infected by viruses, or attacked by malwares that attached to whatever apps you just downloaded. The consequences of these incidents are quite dire, not only your private information may be stolen but might affects the functionality of your device. So now Google has invested their time and resources into making Android hack-proof. This is still a new technology, programmed to run on a model unified into Android 6.0, giving it a well-guarded and protected features. This sector of Android app development is still fairly, it is should be given time to grow and shows what benefit it can offers us.

The New And Updated AI Based Assistant

Google is known for its helpful AI, evolved and moved from text prediction to something sort of smart chatbot that can even book a salon appointment for you. Last year, Google announced that such AI assistant will be made available on latest devices that runs on Android. After much research, Ok Google AI has evolved and becomes something far more useful than it’s previous incarnation, Google Now. Like mentioned earlier, the AI evolved into something more like a smart chatbot that can have a simple conversation with you, provide clarification for any relevant and necessary information. If the developer’s words are to be believe, Android development for this AI function will go further and offer more features later in the feature.

Apps Payments

In the early days of Android app development, Google Wallet was developed as a payment method for every online money transaction in Google Playstore. Then later was upgraded to Android Pay which is far more secure and advantageous. The Android Pay system stores and guards all your confidential data of your credit card and with the ability to process your transaction by just simply unlocking your phone. What you need to do is just place your device near to NFC contactless terminal to complete the transaction!

In-App Search

This feature is different from the usual search function because Google search bar feature presents itself in other apps such as YouTube, Spotify and Gmail. Android apps developers stated that they wish to incorporate this feature into larger factions of apps and making it one of hottest trend for the year 2017 and the next.