How to Improve Agency-Client Relationship with SEO?

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How to Improve Agency-Client Relationship with SEO?

Some companies have the budget to hire an agency who will handle all of their SEO tasks for them. SEO is technically free, but you would need a invest a huge amount of time, otherwise, it won’t really work; at least, not in the way you intended it to.

That being said, how can a SEO agency and a client best forge their relationship with regards to the use of search engine optimization?

Transparency is the First Step

Building trust and relationships are probably the foundation of all agency-client interactions. One way to do that is for you, as an agency, to be transparent with your client, especially about how you will implement your digital marketing and SEO strategies.

Furthermore, it is not only important for you to forge relationships with your clients, but you also need to build friendships with your other partner agencies as well (or similar businesses, for that matter).

The reason is that partner agencies will give your clients a firm recommendation and you are a part of that. You, of course, will do the same. Whenever a firm does that, it sends a message to the client that you are indeed confident in what you do and you want to help similar businesses out, things that will ultimately build a long-lasting relationship with you and the client.

Eradicate Inexactness

Clients can be highly influenced by the media and it is only compounded since we are able to access the internet, which means that information can be compounded in the user’s brain that will somehow affect their decision-making process.

That being said, as an agency, it is best that you remove ambiguity from the process so that you do not add to the noise that is being churned out by the media.

What I mean by removing ambiguity is that you not only become transparent about everything; you also have to be clear about your intentions, your goals, your key performance indicators, and so on.

Building trust in the business world might be a lost art to some, but I truly believe that when you have proven yourself to be trustworthy, then it will all be worth it in the end.


When you are an owner of a digital marketing agency, it means that you have personnel working for you. The thing about doing business is that you not only have to trust your partners and your customers, but you also have to trust your employees.

There are some people who are more “hands-on” in that they pretty much do everything by themselves. From talking to clients to planning the strategy, some agency owners might exclude their employees from the entire process.

This actually breeds distrust. And truth be told, your employees might be better than you in some aspects which is why you hired them in the first place, right?

So, set aside your ego and know that running such an agency would require additional manpower to finish the job in the most effective and efficient way possible.