The Great Debate

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The Great Debate

The Great Debate: The Sustainability Of SEO

For many years now, professional seo consultant and digital marketers have challenged SEO’s sustainability as a marketing practice. Each time a new algorithm hits, a new trend begins to shift. SEO will never die, and will just continue to shift as long as there are search engines.

SEO is adaptable.

There is always a great level of evolution in every SEO strategy. Because search engines are always changing, what worked for you a few months ago, may not be as efficient today.

Fortunately, search engine optimization has plenty of space for adaptability. SEO is always improving and changing, and alongside that, more opportunities are opening.

The Great DebateSEO is helpful.

Good search engine optimization helps search engines to efficiently determine what the website is all about. This is crucial to be able to get good results for their users. Consequently, this helps searchers find what they are looking for conveniently and quickly.

SEO’s Spend Money on PPC

It’s true that SEO is helpful and adaptable, but at the end of the day, it all boils down to revenue. Search engines need to earn money, too. If not, they wouldn’t be able to deliver good results. The largest revenue source for them? Display ad networks and PPC.

So, who bids on keywords and purchases advertising spaces? Marketing and SEO agencies.

SEO agencies play an important role in search engines’ revenue cycles, and because of that, they have secured their place in the digital marketing world.

The Caveat

The search engine optimization industry will never die. However, some SEO companies will. These are the agencies who practice shady techniques, or so called “black hat” tactics.

The Great DebateSearch engines love the help SEO businesses provide, but their number one priority is to deliver relevant and useful details to keep internet users happy.

How to manage black hat techniques? This can be flushed out by frequent algorithm updates.

SEO has a bright future ahead of it, though it requires agencies to stay on the ground. Utilizing white hat techniques is an efficient way to ensure search engine optimization sustainability.