Top 6 Affiliate Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know

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Top 6 Affiliate Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know


This reliable affiliate tracking software is known for its amazing features, such as a built-in contact tool. Through this feature, you can be alerted each time an affiliate drops you. Moreover, it assists marketers in improving their search engine rankings.


HasOffers offers unlimited affiliates. It delivers reliable tracking metrics, as well as a 99% tracking uptime. Users can also gain access to purchase insights and processes. If you are looking for a platform that can provide you with good leads, this is the way to go.


Voluum’s key components include an advanced reporting tool, real-time reporting, and 10 customized data points about web page visitors. It also has direct racking pixels, and CPM, CPA and CPC cost models.

Journey by Cake

Do you want to be a successful affiliate marketing blogger in Malaysia? Integrate Journey is Cake in your affiliate routine. It helps users optimize their spending, depending on data-driven, positional values.

Post Affiliate Pro

Getting started with this affiliate marketing tools is easy. Apart from the convenience, they also provide amazing customer support. Its key features? Accurate tracking and fraud protection. Their team is also accepting all kinds of affiliate links, and allows the use of multiple currencies.


Adplexity is one of the most popular platforms developed for ad intelligence. Through this, you can monitor the ads of your competitors, and their level of profitability. You can also have some native options for your traffic needs.