Top 6 Poker Etiquette Rules

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Top 6 Poker Etiquette Rules

The Rules of Poker

The beauty of Poker is that you can pretty much play anywhere as the other alternatives of online slot malaysia. You can play at home with your friends and family and you can even try your hand and win big in a casino.

Whether you do the former or the latter, there are always those “unwritten” rules that every poker player must follow.

In today’s article, I will talk about the top 6 poker etiquette rules that must follow at all times.

1. Don’t Act if It is Not Your Turn

The game of poker requires not only analysis and luck, but it also requires you to be patient as well. If you received a bad set of cards, it is best that you wait for your turn before you do anything.

Sure, you can either raise or fold, but only do so when it is actually your turn. Doing it way too early will provide your enemies with enough information to act accordingly.

2. Don’t Talk About Your Own Set of Cards While the Hand is Still Going On

Top 6 Poker Etiquette RulesSome of us are chatty people in that we always want to share things that could potentially be detrimental to our odds of winning. One of the things that you can do that can potentially turn the tide of the game would be if you talk to other people about the cards that you’ve folded.

For example, if you had a 7-2 as your hand in a Texas Hold’em game and the flop happens to be a 7-7-2, this can tell the other players the information that they need, signifying that other players can no longer do a full house.

Again, they may act accordingly and provide them with the best chances of winning simply because you blurted out stuff that you shouldn’t talk about in the first place.

3. Never Show Your Cards Before the Showdown

When you do not have the right set of cards for you to go all-in or heads up, then I highly recommend that you do not show your cards before the actual showdown. This ties in with my previous point about giving too much information that your opponents can use against you.

4. Don’t Try to Splash the Pot

There is this practice that is still prevalent in poker games. This is when a player throws his bet in a big mess in the pot.

This practice is commonly known as “Splashing the Pot” and the reason why it is problematic is that it can be hard for you to tell exactly how much you’ve bet on the game. The best way to make a bet is to just stack your chips neatly and present them in front of you.

Top 6 Poker Etiquette Rules5. Don’t Be Rude

I know that games like Poker can give you a chance to be on a losing streak. However, you have to understand that this does not give you any license to be rude to other players. People can be mean when they lose, but if you’re going to let your emotions get the best of you, you will not only lose the game, but you can also potentially lose some friends as well.

6. Give Your Undivided Attention

When the hand is still playing, always give your undivided attention to the game. It is actually considered rude when you either talk to your phone, text or even surf the web while the game is still on.